The Order of Jerusalem, Militia of the Holy Ghost

The Order of Jerusalem – Militia of the Holy Ghost
Royal Protector – His Majesty The Omukama of Bunyoro – Kitara Kingdom

The Order of Jerusalem - Militia of the Holy Ghost (OJ-MHG) was formed by the merger of the Archconfraternity of the Order of the Holy Ghost with the Royal House Order of Jerusalem. Lead by the House of La Rochelle - Murat, the OJ-MHG is a private Christian Order of Chivalry dedicated to serving Christ. Protected and blessed by the Orthodox American Church, the OJ-MHG is delighted to spread the word of our Lord and help those in need with the blessing of the Orthodox American Church.


Europe is the birthplace of Chivalry and therefore of Chivalric Orders. These Orders were sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church and many took part in Crusades, both in the Holy Land, Europe and in the Mediterranean.

The OJ-MHG maintains an active and vibrant role in Europe. Lead by His Grace Leslie Angell, Duke of Lys, our European brothers and sisters are ready to receive new members. Dedicated to serving Christ and the Church, our European members can lead you down the path to a true Knighthood in Christ..



The Order of Jerusalem, Militia of the Holy Ghost, America

His Excellency, the Baron of Cimbrone, Privy Councilor Lord of Arms, Lord Marshall of North America Order of Jerusalem-Militia of the Holy Ghost, Steward of All the Americas, Commandant of the Hereditary Commandery of Cimbrone, GCOJ-MHG, GCM, GCOM leads a commandery based in New York and Texas that counts seven knights of the commandery and four additional honorary members focused on charitable work related to domestic violence, HIV research and support, youth support services, housing and food support for those in need and services for senior citizens, and addiction services. The commandery invites members who make significant contributions to their communities in love and service.



The Australasian Territory encompasses all states of Australia and the Islands of New Zealand under the Commandery of Australia. Presently the Commandery of Bathurst is held by the Vice Regent of the Order, His Grace Bradley, Duke of Mièrmaigne and the Commandery of Newcastle is held by Lord Henderson.

There are a small number of members of the Order in Australia and New Zealand who have proven themselves to be a valuable member of the community who selflessly give time and resources to those in need all year round. The main focus is on but not limited to assisting current serving and ex service personnel and their families, disadvantaged communities and the homeless. The Commander General is also heavily involved with Aboriginal Communities in promoting health, child protection and self-determination and land rights. The Commander General is also involved in promoting cross religious tolerance and acceptance for all religions.

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Commander General:
HG Bradley Duke of Miermaigne
Vice Regent OJ-MHG

Commander: Lord Warwick Henderson
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